Paul Cookson, Advertising and Marketing Expert
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Paul Cookson

Marketer. Strategist. Entrepreneur. Business Advisor.
Creative Thinker.

After Paul Cookson studied advertising at Centennial College for four years, he joined the boutique advertising and marketing agency, called The Small Business Advertising Company, in 1989 where he was mentored by senior management in the art and skill of implementing successful advertising and marketing strategies. Paul Cookson built a solid roster of clients and was groomed by management to open branch offices for the agency in Canada and the US.

Paul Cookson’s abilities as a marketing expert attracted the attention of the privately run start up, the Addiction Recovery Centre in 1991. Paul Cookson was offered the role of General Manager and partner and was tasked with building the company from scratch. Paul put his marketing skills and advertising knowledge to work and positioned the company as the "Addiction" authority in Ontario through a highly successful marketing campaign aimed at Ontario Doctor's. Under Paul Cookson's direction, the company went from two employees to thirty, opened an Ottawa office and sales went from $5 thousand a month to a multi million dollar enterprise.

In February of 1993, Paul was hired at MJF & Associates, which at the time was a $2 million a year sales agency, and eventually was promoted to Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He launched a flurry of changes to the company's product mix, spearheaded a US expansion by developing a network of US sales agents, new product and pricing strategies and initiated highly successful sales incentives for major retail customers. Paul was a major player in lifting the company's sales to in excess of $42 million annually.

Paul Cookson also acted as a marketing advisor for a weight loss centre in Ajax, Ontario. Within months, he revamped its facility, revised its product mix, its advertising and marketing strategies. One program developed by Paul was a radio promotion called "The Daily Weigh-In" that pitted two morning DJ's at KX96 radio station against each other to see who could lose the most weight. That promotion boosted awareness, built excitement, and, combined with internal referral programs and an image overhaul, delivered dramatic results. Sales rose from an average of $12 thousand a month to sales in excess of $200 thousand. The company also added five locations to service the whole greater Toronto Area and currently enjoys sales in excess of Ten Million annually.

In 2005, Paul Cookson made the decision to apply his marketing skills to his own company, Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. He designed his company to be a sales and product development company for retailers, distributors and manufacturers that integrates trademark creation, product development, sourcing production facilities and importation of a wide ranging mix of products made overseas. Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. has developed a range of proprietary trademarked products and services. One of the most successful is the Muskoka Equipment Company brand, which makes ski jackets, parkas, duffle bags and luggage, that have been sold through Canadian Tire retail stores throughout Canada. Advantage designed, sourced, and created products can also be found in Shoppers Drug Mart, CVS Drugs, The Muskoka Store and other US and Canadian retailers.

In 2010 he created Ad Army Group Marketing Services, now a successful Toronto ad agency that caters to businesses, elite athletes, restaurants, professionals and more. Creating "wow Factor" websites is what they do and after looking at the sites they have built, you'll probably agree. Take a look: | | | directly or go to the companies portfolio at:

The company offers its customers an integrated one-stop shop for marketing strategies, product development, sourcing, and marketing services, as well as strategic expertise, from product inception to sales to shipping the finished goods.